My cousins were masters in building castle, I concentrated my efforts on the space world. But a few years ago, with maybe 23 or 24, I decided to start the construction of a castle. I had enough pieces to build something big. So I tried.

I built it according to following principle : invaders musn't be able to enter the inner court so easily (logical). So I made a first wall made out of wood, a second one made of stone, a third one as large portal and the last one is the biggest.

Invaders located in the first court can be attacked by defenders from all the other courts because this castle is built like a snail. The highest court is in the middle and should be the last to be attacked.

The mountain baseplates are used to bring altitude in this castle. A 32x48 mountain baseplate to enter the second court and a classical 32x32 baseplate under the dongeon. The 6 bricks altitude you gain by each used mountain baseplate makes the building of defense walls easier, it's definitly an advantage.

The reason why I didn't keep this castle any longer is that it's not a realistic castle. In the middle age, castle of that size had 1 or 2 walls, not more. Moreover, the ratio place to live / courts is much too small : only the dongeon can be a place to live and that's not enough for the quantity of people supposed to defend such a castle.

This was a good "test". A good start in the castle world. The next castle will be inspired from this one, but without all those defaults ... It will be :
- larger, to unable room for outside walls,
- with less courts,
- and with more buildigs to live in.